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Sulfanilic acid

[Product name] 4-Anilinesulfonic acid (SA)
[CAS No.] 121-57-3
[Molecular formula] C6H7NO3S
[Chemical Structural formula]
[Molecular weight] 173.19
[Appearance] white or off-white crystalline powder
[Assay] ≥99%
[Moisture] ≤0.05%
[Melting point] 280℃
[Packing and volume] 25KG/plastic woven bag
[Storage conditions] Avoid light, airtight preservation
[Quality standard] HG/T3678-2000
[Uses] Used in the manufacture of azo dyes, etc, also used as a pesticide for controlling wheat rust
[Grade of dangerous goods] Ordinary
[MSDS] After sign purchase order, we will provide the MSDS if you requested

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